Nathan Cullen stays on provincial NDP Leadership sidelines

Still glowing in the success of his House of Commons motion in opposition of the prospect of oil tankers plying the waters of the North Coast, Nathan Cullen took time out yesterday to address the rumblings of a potential leadership bid for the provincial NDP leadership, soon to be vacated by Carole James.

Mr. Cullen outlined in a number of interviews that he was flattered with all the attention, which included phone calls and messages of support, but in his mind there was still much work to be done in Ottawa and thus he would not be a contestant in the leadership campaign, set to get underway at full throttle in the New Year.

The NDP MP for Skeena Bulkley Valley had been touted by some political observers as a possible candidate of reconciliation for the provincial party, bringing in some perspective away from the current in fighting that has been highlighted over the last few weeks.

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Thanks for this post. That is unfortunate that Mr. Cullen will not be in the running…this time around. Perhaps in the future. :smile:

If Jack Layton was ever to pass on the reins of the Federal NDP, I hope that Nathan Cullen would make a go for that position.

Well why would he pass up his massive expense budget :wink: