My strange Mind

So ya I like to read; I read a lot, not as much as I did a few years ago. The books I read were books by some what obscure authors, writers such a Zacharia Sitchin, Adrian G Gilbert and James Redfield, the latter of course wrote The Celestine Prophecy which has been made into a movie and on the New York top 10 books for a number of weeks or was it years.
  I noticed a theme among most of the books I was reading, sort of strange as many of the books at the core were totally different from each other.
The main theme, in the books, was a gradual awaking in the human Conscience, this was too happen after the after the year 2000. This awaking in the conscience was to be gradual until some point near 2011- 2012 then something would happen.

Here is what I know.
The Mayan Calender will end on Dec 21, 2012 this of course does not mean the world will end, there have been 4 creations in the Mayan Calendar, at each of the creations a catastrophe of some sort happened. Many so called new age authors have written how this will happen, the poles will shift, the surface of the planet will flip; north will become south and south will become north. They all say that these events happened before in earths past and they show their evidence and it all looks convincing.

The one theory I like the best was written by Adrian G Gilbert & Maurice M Cotterell they discuss the theory of solar flairs being the culprit in the 5 creation. And that during this time that the sun will be at the end of its 11 year cycle, during this cycle the solar flairs will be large, and will have an effect on the earths magnetic field, As many people already know a few years ago one of the largest sun spots were recorded in human history, these solar storms rush at  over a million miles an hour, and when they hit our atmosphere we get the northern lights, but this last time scientist believed that if we were hit dead on by a solar storm it would have knocked out satellites, and electric grids would shut down. This happen back in the 70’s when New York State and part of eastern Canada lost electric power.

Now Scientist are saying that solar cycle 24 will peak in 2010 2011 a year shorter then the Mayan calendar end. But this of course could be wrong. Regardless of the year it will be the most intense cycles since seen.

So who knows maybe the solar flares from the sun will have an effect on the human conscience and we will grow as a race and put down our weapons and dismantle our war machines, Maybe we will be able to cure cancer, HIV, Aids and maybe no children will die from a disease.

Ok I should have not eaten so many shrooms, before entering that sweat lodge back in the 80’s where god in the form of a fly talked to me about things to come, some by the way have transpired.  :astonished: