My School Sucks

I’ve been talking to a guy that goes to Charles Hays for a while now and when he mentions the equipment they’re using in their labs it makes my school, Caledonia Senior Secondary (Terrace), look worse and worse.

This is a bit of a background of our labs:


The comps here are something like 133mhz with around 32mb RAM running Windows 98. The monitors are these horrible “X-Treme” 15" LCD monitors, and matched up with the 2mb graphics cards on the computers we get a max 800x600 resolution. The library network goes down around once a week.

Information Technology / Drafting Lab

These comps are better, but still pretty bad. They’re Pentium III 700mhz computers with 17" CRT monitors, probably 128mb RAM, and the only thing that keeps them relatively “speedy” is that my InfoTech teacher, Mr. Chapman, is dedicated enough to rebuild each system on a regular basis.

The only software that was paid for was the antivirus and AutoCAD, every other program is freeware (The Gimp, etc).

It’s pretty sad, my Junior Secondary school had 400mhz iMacs with Photoshop 6.0, Flash 4.0, and a lot of other stuff that came in handy in Web Design 9/10.

Basically, Charles Hays’ labs kick ass and Cal’s suck… why?

I don’t know, a Pentium III 700mhz is definitly upper end at Charles Hays.
A 400MHz iMac can still go a long way.
Then we have a lab with the new IBM P4 boxes, but they are small cases so you know, they are slow/no power; you can only get good speeds with the big IBM cases. : P Sounds more like CHSS lab propaganda to me.

However, we do have fireproof UTP cables.

The charles hays network/lab is setup well… now if terrace had of hired me… :wink:

Well its is Terrace… :unamused:

Ehhhh another terracite wooooo!