My internet speed

how do i tell if i have good internet speed and strength?  Things seem to be shutting down too easily or too slow to load.  What is good and what is not please???  And does it make any difference if there are two users at the same time on my wireless?

This is my opinion

I bet if you ran the same test using a p2p or ftp port you’d get about 0.220 Mbit download.

It’s all slow once you hit the terrace pipe (Telus leased bandwidth). We’re capped for p2p throughput (stated by Citywest in the past).

You’ll always get the “Well a line rated for 8Mbit has a transfer capacity of about 400 Kb and coupled with line noise and interference you should be kissing our feet for being able to view the Google graphic on…please note you’re taking up too much bandwidth and you and the rest of you schmoes in Prince Rupert need to be limited further because you’re sucking all the speed out of our damn internet pipe…leaving our internal office workers UNABLE to view the DISCONNECTION NOTICES WE’RE TRYING TO GENERATE FOR YOU!”  :laughing: /I’m* being sarcastic as you can tell.*

My personal opinion is that they throttle speeds to the servers as well…

On a recent trip south I had the pleasure of actually being able to stream video without having to buffer most of it.  :sunglasses: