My internet access drops 50 times a day-any advice?

Hi. I’m a first time poster and I’m at my wits end so I thought I’d ask you guys for your expertise. Let me preface this by saying that I’m pretty much computer illiterate so forgive me for not using the proper terms, etc.

So, back in August, my adult son was home for a couple of months. For some of the time he was here, the internet access for slow, slow, slow. Anyway, he told me I should contact City West and ask them if they limited the number of computer addresses at specific street addresses. I phoned them and they immediately told me that they didn’t do that and did some trouble shooting with me and they told me I needed a new router. So, I went down to Radio Shack (I forget the new name) and bought a router, brought it home, plugged it in and lo and behold, the problem was not fixed. I phoned City West back and after much back and forth, they told me to come in to the office which I did. I’m not sure what the guy was doing, but he was on the computer for a long time and then said something to the effect of “too many addresses for my part of town?” I asked him if that meant that Citywest limited the number of internet connections in houses and he said that was not what it meant but I couldn’t understand the explanation he gave me. Anyway, I went home, put my new router back in its box and hadn’t had any more problems until the last month or so…

My daughters came home in November for a couple of weeks. They each have a laptop so that makes 3 in the house. The whole time they were here, my internet kept dropping. When I check the icon on the bottom right of the screen, it shows that I have a connection but don’t have internet access. In order to get access back, I have to unplug my router, unplug my modem, hit the reset button on the router and then restart the computer. Then, hopefully, I’ll have internet access but sometimes it takes 3, 4 or 5 times of doing this before I can get on the internet again. Anyway, my girls left and the problems with internet access dropping also stopped. So, now my son is home for Christmas. He has a laptop and so there are 2 in my house again. The problems have started again and I think they’re getting worse. I literally lose my internet access every time I’m online. I might be able to sign on and surf the web for awhile but then, without fail, that little icon in the bottom right of my screen shows a “x” and shows that there is no internet access and sure enough, it’s been dropped. And so I am now unplugging, resetting, restarting many many times per day! It’s very frustrating!

I phoned Citywest yesterday and spoke to a different tech guy. He troubleshooted with me and again told me it was my router and therefore, not their problem. I tried to tell him about my previous problems with the internet but he wasn’t interested in assuming any responsibility. Truthfully, I know it does look like its a problem with my router but I don’t think it is. I plugged in my brand new router and it’s still doing the same thing. Isn’t in coincidental that 2 routers don’t work? And isn’t it a further coincidence that my internet access drops whenever there’s more than one computer in my house? And, back in August when I went into Citywest and the guy there gave me some half-hearted explanation about too many addresses in my area. However, when we bypassed the router and connected my laptop directly with the blue cable I don’t have any problems but I have a laptop…I shouldn’t have to be tethered with a cable.

So, can anybody out there give me some ideas about what the problem might be? On another note, any cell phones that come into my house, be it with Bell, Rogers, Telus, drops calls - people will come in here and try using their phone and unless you stand right outside the front door, the calls will invariably drop - it’s like there is a “shield” or something around my house that is interfering with any computers or cell phones. When I tried to explain that part to the Citywest employee, he said he was with the internet department and didn’t have anything to do with phones. I realized that but I thought that maybe by telling him that, it might get him thinking in a different direction rather than just blaming my routers.

I thank anybody that has read this long winded note and for your suggestions on what I should do or look into. ps - I don’t know if it makes a difference but I live on Prince Rupert Blvd., right across from Charles Hayes School.

There are so many things it could be, that it’s hard to give online advice without knowing more. That’s also the frustration that Citywest employees must feel when people call them and tell them that the internet isn’t working.

What kind of connection do you have (Cable, DSL, etc)? What speed?

Have you tried just plugging in 1 computer directly into your modem (not a router) and checking ?

Also, have you tried one of these computers at a friend’s house to see if it’s also slow there?

It’s that kind of troubleshooting that can help narrow down the problem.

The cellphone ‘black hole’ may or may not be related. There may be a lot of radio interference, but that shouldn’t (normally) have any effect on a cable or DSL connection. Though it might interfere with WiFi if the frequency is spread enough, but today’s equipment handles that stuff very nicely.

Hi - I have cable with a wireless (Dlink) router

Have you tried plugging in a computer directly into the modem (not the router) to see how well it works?

You mentioned your computer not being connected, at the same time is this happening with your son’s/daughter’s computer?
When this happens, are you able to connect to the status page on your router?
If all computers are having the problem at the same time, connect to a lan port on your router (the blue cable), and if you have internet there while the other computers don’t, it’s wireless problem.
If it’s only your computer, it may be a problem with the wireless receiver on the laptop.
It’s also possible that something is causing interference. It could be an older cordless phone, or a bad electric motor (fridge, bathroom fan etc)
How good is the signal strength?
Definitely do a speed test (, both hard wired and wireless to compare. A bad wifi signal, might seem to work, but give poor performance.

I’ve never had a d-link router, but have helped people who have and I don’t like them. I’m more than happy with my linksys (ie cisco) router. My connection up time for my router is currently at 133 days, and I think that was a power outage. We have a laptop, ipad, iphone and ipod attached via wireless, and a media player, server and desktop connected via lan, all without any problems.

Hi. First of all, thanks for all the replies. Now I’m really overwhelmed :smile:

I just went to and when I have my laptop wired directly to the modem, it says:

Ping 205 ms
Upload .44 mbps
Download 4.9 mbps

and then when I have it wired through the router, it says:

Ping 26 ms
Upload .45 mpbs
Download 4.53 mbps

Now I don’t know anything about pings, but that seems like a big difference. Does that tell you anything?

Someone asked if the computers work everywhere else and the answer is yes. I’ll take my laptop to my sisters, connect to her network (if thats what its called) and it works fine…no dropping. My kids’ laptops don’t have issues anywhere else.

Until right now, I’ve had my laptop hardwired (blue cable plugged in from the modem and not using the router at all) all day and I haven’t had a problem. I’ve just wired it through the router and so far so good but usually that’s what happens. And then, without warning, it will drop the internet access. It hasn’t done it yet since I’ve plugged into the router about 20 minutes ago so today’s a good day…so far.

I know there were other questions but I can’t remember what they were so I’ll answer them in another post. Thanks again for all the help.

So I spoke too soon. Right after I posted the last message, I lost my internet connection so now I’m hardwired through the modem again. I’ve noticed that before I lost my connection, when I clicked on the icon on the bottom right of the page, it only showed my network. Now it shows my network and somebody else’s. Is that a coincidence that when someone else connected (no idea who or where), my internet disconnects?

Do you have a password in your wifi?

You have some sort of wireless interference, the pings are way too high wireless.
Get a new router, $39 and up and they’re already configured with the password on a tag on the side.

If it’s interference, you could try changing the channel. Some of the crappier “auto” channel routers disconnect you when they switch channels.

If it’s set to check for interference and switch channels every hour, that might explain why you’re getting disconnected. Or perhaps your neighbour’s network is overpowering yours, etc.

I had a brand new router here as Citywest told me a few months ago when I was having the same problem, that I needed a router. Anyway, the problem isn’t fixed when I use the new or the old router.

To the poster who suggested that maybe a neighbours network is overpowering mine…that’s what I was wondering as one of my neighbours is Charles Hays School is directly across from me. If that’s the case, what can I do to fix it?

To answer one of the other questions…yes my wifi has a password.

Thanks again for all the suggestions.

You can change your router’s channel. Do you know how to do that? What channel is it on now?

What kind of computer do you have? We could suggest a program (like inSSIDer) to scan the frequencies in use around your house to see which channel would have the least interference.

Anyway, it does sound like it’s not a Citywest problem at all, since you can plug in physically and it doesn’t drop out, right?

check everything for updates ??

Yeah good point. Check for firmware updates for your router, and drivers for your laptop.

I don’t think you answered, does your kids computers have the same dropouts that you have?

Hi Everybody. So, a friend of mine came over the other night and fixed it. I went to Terrace yesterday and didn’t think about this site and I just now thought that I’d better post something here so nobody else wastes their time on this. Anyway, don’t ask me what she did because it was way too complicated for me…I do know that it had something to do with the router though. All I know for sure is that it took her a few hours and now everything seems to be working.

Thank you all for the time and expertise you offered…what a great bunch of people!

[quote=“ineedavegasfix”]Hi Everybody. So, a friend of mine came over the other night and fixed it. I went to Terrace yesterday and didn’t think about this site and I just now thought that I’d better post something here so nobody else wastes their time on this. Anyway, don’t ask me what she did because it was way too complicated for me…I do know that it had something to do with the router though. All I know for sure is that it took her a few hours and now everything seems to be working.

Thank you all for the time and expertise you offered…what a great bunch of people![/quote]

Hi, I have been experiencing really similar issues with my internet, and I am running out of things to try to get it back working properly. Do you have any idea how you were able to fix your problem? I would really appreciate any help you might be able to give. Thanks!