My imac crashed

I am looking for some help with my imac. It froze on me on friday and i had to hard reboot it. After that it wouldn’t start. It just kept on hanging on the loading screen. I tried to repair the hd with my apple disk and it says there are errors.  First time it said node errrs. The next time i ran disk utility it said sibbling errors. I tried to reboot in windows with boot camp last night  and it worked. Windows started, but after 10 min or so i got the blue screen of death, dumping memory. Perorodicly it start up fine in apple but within a few minutes it freezes.    I dont think it is a hd issue but more of a hardware problem.    I am looking for someone here in PR with tech experience to give me a hand.  I am willing to pay someone to help me.     

What kind of iMac is it?  How old?  Is there a model # on it?

If it is saying there are drive errors, then there are drive errors.  But there may be something else going on as well.

The thing you want to do to eliminate the hard drive as the culprit is to swap out the drive with another one and see if the problem still exists.

If you can do this kind of thing yourself, it would be cheaper for you :wink:  I can take a look at it privately as well, just e-mail if you’re interested in that route.

Thanks mig for the fast reply.  I phoned apple care and they said it sounds like my logic board or the cable that connects the logic board to the hd is fried.  My mac is a 24 inch 2.33 imac desktop which is 1 year and 5 months old. Cost me $1800 plus taxes. Just out of warrenty in November.  Apple care said that if it is the cabel they will replace it, but if it is the logic board it is up to me.  Thats a $900 dollar fix, not including labour.  I was a Apple promoter till today. I think i am going to bring it to CompuSmart on monday providing the river dosen’t wash out the road.

I would replace the drive and see if that fixes things first.  A hard drive is a lot cheaper than a logic board.  And the symptoms and errors you describe (in both Windows and Mac OS X) can definitely be due to a bad hard drive. 

Have you had it apart yet to see if anything’s loose?  Did you get the 1-year or 3-year warranty?  Know anybody with a spare drive that they can lend you just to make sure that’s not the problem?

It is off to terrace. I checked out how to take them apart to change the hd and it looks like a real pain. U have to remove the glass with suction cups and  disconect the isight and so on and so on.  I am sure i can do it but i would rather have someone else with experience take it apart. Thanks your for the help.