My First Computer

What was the first computer you owned/worked with?

Here’s my first work computer:

The keyboard for a slightly newer model:

The cost? A paltry $75,000.

I believe the last time we discussed this I said my first computer was a crappy little thing from Timex. Can anyone find that thread?

The first computer I owned was an 8088 with CGA monitor, no mouse, Windows 3.0 (640KB RAM, 30MB 5.25" disk drive, 5.25" floppy of course). This was actually only four years ago.

I must ask: did you sell it to a girl named Debbie who just brought one of those in to see if I cold ‘upgrade’ it? :laughing:

The first I actually bought was a Commodore Vic20. I remember buying an 8 KB RAM upgrade for $399 so I could have more memory than the PETs at nite school and color too. PCs all blew until Commodore went under.Then they were king because the business crowd would not go Mac.
“Only IBM can make real computers”
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
Like the Craptiva! or PC Jr.

Jesus. Are you serious? :stuck_out_tongue:
The power supply blew in early 2001, and my mom got rid of it (I didn’t have much say in keeping it, I was 14 at the time).
The next computer I owned was a 386 “laptop PC.” Not a laptop, but a laptop PC. Basically a portable PC powered by AC with fan and all (some kind of micro power supply I guess). It had a nine inch amberscale EGA LCD (might have once been grayscale and the lighting component screwed up), 80MB HD (WITH compression), 3.5" floppy, dial-up modem that Windows 3.1 couldn’t use, PC speaker (not internal sound, classic PC speaker), and it had a handle and weighed about twenty pounds.
My mom sold it once I got a 233 a few months later (I was 15 at the time, still had little say :stuck_out_tongue:)

I used the 233 until January 6th of this year when I got an Athlon XP 2700+ powered PC. Now the 233 sits to the right of me, waiting to be useful again, mayhaps as a small server sometime soon.

  1. sucked my left nut

I set up my first 486/66 in my office beside my Amiga 4000. Booted Windows 3.1, loaded WordPerfect off like 20 floppies and was appalled at what a P.O.S. it was.
Sold it the next day for $800 to a teacher. Wrote off the loss as a ‘learning experience’ and ran the print shop for 2 years with Amiga until P2s came out. Used Amiga for video until 3-4 years ago…

Never found anything since that was as ‘fun’ to use as the Commodore64-Amiga models. PCs are way too ‘serious’ !

Computers today have to much computer in them and not enough typewritter.

Computers today have too much work in them and not enough fun.

This is fun