I was involved in a MVA just East of Terrace on Sunday, and I know the RCMP took photos, etc. I haven’t seen anything in the news at all about it; I was wondering if anyone knows if there’s a website or something where the photos would have been posted. Thanks.

How bad was the accident, and more importantly, are you OK?

You should contact the RCMP.

…and ask the call-taker to speak with the officer who was taking photos at the accident. To my knowledge, police photos are not posted to the public unless they are seeking the public’s assistance.

They don’t routinely post accident photo’s. They would get added to the file. As someone else mentioned, phone the RCMP and ask them.


Carry one of those little cheap disposable cameras in your glovebox. Even if you don’t have an accident, other people do.

Insurance companies will often buy the photos from you to prove guilt or innocence of their clients.


Thanks for all the suggestions!