Music on YouTube

Since YouTube has been a popular topic lately on htmf, I thought I start a post about music that can be found on that site.
I like the fact that unknown and unsigned people who have talent can use this site.  I’ve come across a few lately that are interesting.  They have recurring videos so they have special “Director” status with their own page.
Check out these: Great acoustic guitar. This R & B singer has a great voice and it seems that she was recently signed by a record company. Great singer with unbelievable camera appeal.  Check out “Blue Bayou”, “The Weight” and “Cabaret”.

Find more!

Of course, the opposite is true as well, unknown and unsigned (and never to be signed) uh, talent also post their efforts, much to the distress of dogs and cats throughout the universe

What’s the url for your performance?

The dog ate it! :sunglasses:

My reply:

A remake of the New Numa video by people from prince rupert


Heh.  You mean this? … 84974.html

You want some credit or something? You didn’t film it? Did you?,7273.0.html