Music burning

I have read the forums on downloading shared music and i am currently using frost wire (used to be limewire)?  i dont have a current burning program … considering Nero  does anyone have any suggestions  thanks , i miss makin my own cd’s no new kid rock for me  boo hoo

just use windows media player to burn them

Darn,  I was hoping this was going to be some heated discussion on burning cd’s that we think our kids should not listen to.  like celine dion…

LMAO…my wife loves Dion.  I can’t stand her music. :smile:

Or Michael Boring Bolton

Don’t forget Yanni and Zamfir!

No talent ass-clown!

nickelback too  :imp:

:open_mouth: [offended]oh my gosh…[/endoffended]

Windows media player works great

There is a radio station in Calgary that offers no Nickelback at any time. :smile:

thats prolly because its a country station lol it is calgary. i hear theres a few cowboys there