Museum Options for Funding and Inventory

Last month or so there was an article in the paper about the museum looking for funds from the city, a usual event to be sure.
I have a question for the board and manager of the museum regarding some of their choices please.
There are some beautiful totem poles laying on their backs in the basement which have been there for maybe 10 years now.
Why are these poles not being raised and displayed around the museum or anywhere else in the city?
I may be wrong or misguided but what a waste to have tens of thousands of dollars worth of fine art remain unseen in the basement like some discarded toys that have been forgotten.
It seems rather ludicrous to be given the funds to purchase such items only to hide them away from the people would paid for them in fact.
If the reason is the cost of putting them in place then it stands to reason that we can’t afford them at this time which leads to another question, why not sell them?
Nobody can enjoy them where they sit and if the museum owns them as inventory then it stands to reason that they might be used as a revenue source rather than asking the taxpayers for more money each year.
This is just a question that has been on my mind for the past few years and I would really appreciate if anyone could enlighten me on this subject.