Murder in Terrace?

I only caught the end of the story on Global news but there was something about a murder involving young people in Terrace.  Anyone confirm this or add information? … rrest.html

[tt]Young male arrested in Terrace stabbing death
Last Updated: Sunday, September 28, 2008 | 2:36 PM ET
The Canadian Press
Terrace RCMP have arrested a young man in connection with the death of a woman who suffered multiple stab wounds Saturday.

Officers in the northern B.C. town found the woman bleeding heavily from her injuries and took her to hospital, but efforts to revive her were not successful.

Police said they have arrested a male who can’t be identified under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Investigators said the suspect and the victim were known to each other.

The BC Coroners Service, the Terrace RCMP detachment and the North District Major Crime Unit remain at the scene as the homicide investigation continues.

The woman’s name has not been released pending notification of next of kin.[/tt]

Wow , I wonder if jessielouie’s coment is acurate on that link you provided Mig.

Kind of an end run around the young offenders act, isnt it? (Jessielouies coments in regardes to the names not published clause )

They removed the comment from the news site.

Thought they would.  Screenshot here:

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its back

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I think its someone trying to prove a point.

Lets see how long this one lasts

Um, looks like the comment is still there, just the person’s name is changed.  Guess the name gave something away?  Doesn’t look like it was reposted, just the name changed (check the time posted). … in+terrace

[quote]Terrace, B.C. - The North District Major Crime section is investigating a homicide that occurred in 4600 block of Hougland Street in Terrace last night. Constable Craig Douglass says Terrace RCMP were called at about 11:15 Saturday evening.

“Police have arrested a youth whose name cannot be released due to the Criminal Justice Act,â€[/quote]

It’s really very sad that no matter how this shakes out, there won’t be any help for this kid. What a screwed up system we have.

This is so correct in regards to the youth having any form of help out there. It is also so true about the cocaine being way out of hand in these communities. The best thing for these kids is an outreach worker on the streets, one they may feel comfortable talking with, one who has the experience with what they may be facing. I believe that our government has just put so many issues these kids are facing on the back burners and just make calls re young offenders act because it is election time. So many of these kids identify with an outreach worker in many ways. I also agree that the names in such terrible crimes should be put in the press and I also believe that when we have deaths from Overdose or suicide this should get mention because people must face up to the fact that so many of our future resources are being taken from us at such early ages. The adults who are making this poison to the youth must be held accountable. I believe there has to be voices raised and that there is work that must be finished out there.

Comment gone now. Your screenshot is still there, though mig.

Oh sure… we manage to locate an autistic child on an amber alert from far across the country, and here comes Terrace with a murder.

Terrace will do anything to steal our thunder.

Lawl… assholes.

Anyways. Under the YCJA the youth accused of the stabbing must be 15 years or younger, otherwise he would immediately be tried as an adult–assuming that the Crown is going to indict him with some sort of murder charge.

I hope the Crown pushes to try him as an adult though–or else he’s out of jail pretty quick and, as I understand it, all of this gets wiped off his record when he turns 18.

But in the mean time there must be something in place in order to find out what may have made him snap. I feel that it must have been Meth not coke and if it was cokethen someone has messed with it. Again I think there are so many individules from just this one case who will be affected. Get the source off the streets for long time, get real education out for long time. have program put on streets for outreach workers for long time and yes send him away after trial for long time. Before Eccentric gets on this one any furtherchase him down for long time.

There are programs, there are nurses who work very hard to educate people, and it does really suck how much this will likely hurt the family and friends of the victim. Please though, let’s not victimize the alleged murderer. Lots of people do drugs and never kill anyone.


What? Is that a sentence?