Municipal Candidates

Ah, this is what I was looking for…

A blog (who is this person?) with a list of candidates and a comment on each…

Whoever runs this blog is a complete crackhead. There is no way Rudolph or Fitzpatrick get elected. And I doubt Briglio doesn’t. Joy is awesome but can she attract votes outside of the fish union? It’s all WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!

Maybe the predictions are not correct in your opinion but the author is not a crackhead. I read a few archived posts and I must tell you that this is an interesting and fairly well written blog. That person should post here. His/her pen would enhance the content of htmf to counterbalance the effect of the yngwies and others podunkers that roam around here.

I too hope that Mitch Myers can fix the lighting in the council chambers.

I’m with BigThumb – this is one of the best 'blogs I’ve read. Compare it to the usual blog nonsense (“today I had toast for breakfast, then I went for a drive. I have an earache”). It’s very well written, and not boring at all.

Subscribed with bloglines.

Does anybody know who it is?

isn’t that Elaine?

And oh yeah, I enjoyed that blog too. A handy tool.

Get a Podunk phone book and look for anyone with K. P. as initials. Then start phoning 8)

Thats it Paul Kennedy. Paul I know you too well. Good luck with all those relaxing years ahead of you.