Multiple user of msword

I can’t run msword simultaneously on my two macs ( iBook and eMac) while on my network.  I get a message that the number of user is exceeding the license agreement.  Anyone has any idea how to solve this simply?

You’re using a single-user version of Word.

Two solutions:  get a multi-user or site-licence version, or get something like “little snitch” to prevent MS Word from using the network without your permission.

Is it Office 2004?


And in the original post,  I meant that I couldn’t run Word on two machines ( I edited it)

Ok, so the solution is either Little Snitch (Or something similar), or a site-license version of Word that doesn’t have that limitation.  Yay Microsoft.

Third option:  use something other than Microsoft Word.  OpenOffice, NeoOffice, or any of those other alternatives.

If it’s just editing text, use something like SubEthaEdit or TextWrangler (which I use for at least 50% of my job!).

Last option is probably the best.  Just need to train the rest of the family.

Thanks for the tech support :wink:

I use pretty exclusively.

Now that I think of it, “Textedit” – the default built-in text editor in 10.4 reads and writes Word .doc format…

That is the simple solution I was looking for.

Thank you so much.

Heh i know your problem now. My mac is now comming up with you have exceeded the amount of users allowed to use this copy blah blah blah.  the russians got this copy too and to many of them use it. :smile: dam russians and there document’s.

I like bbedit the best.