Mud Slide

I heard that there was a mud slide East of Terrace last night, early this morning.

[quote=“Ministry of Transportation”] TERRACE, KITWANGA TO SMITHERS:
*The highway is closed 25 km east of Terrace until further notice due to a landslide.[/quote]


Cool. I’ll call the reporter to go take a picture.

Old news.
I work at the TV station in terrace :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“Ghost3x”]Old news.
I work at the TV station in terrace :p[/quote]

Really? Do you have any job openings?

they have teevee in Terrace? oooh… is it colour?

yah… i heard its a really big slide… and that there was a car half covered in it and a couple from america helped them out?? i dono thats what i heard… but yah i was driving back from van and around 6 am this morning i was heading to smithers and they had the road blocked off saying there was slide and it could take up to 3 days to clear :S … but theres a alternate route you can take… you go up the nass valley threw this sketchy ass pot hole infested road for about 1 hour and then another road for about another hour and a half and then you get to terrace… my car is covered in mud… so dont plan on going to smithers in any nice car… your best bet would be to take a truck if you own one.

We’re coming from Fort St. John tomorrow. We’re coming in a jeep though. I hope it’s cleared. I don’t want to take any long alternate roots, I’ve been travelling in that jeep for too long!


[quote=“Ghost3x”]Old news.
I work at the TV station in terrace :p[/quote]

Really? Do you have any job openings?[/quote]

yes, really.

there is a couple people supposedly leaving sometime in september, it all depends on what department you are looking to apply for. I guess i can always post when there is.

jeep = pwnage.