Much Ado About Nothing


We admitt…it has been quite a ride. Pedrico Lao and Mcsash are both fictitious characters invented by 3 bored local Rupertites who thought injecting some “meaningful” conversation would liven things up during these long winter days in the north. We think it did. If we offended anyone, we meant no harm…We didn’t think our boredom would generate such outrage. It’s great that Rupertites love their community as much as they do. We sincerely hope you’ll laugh at yourselves as much as we did at ourselves. We will no longer post messages, etc. All the best and happy 2007.


Three Blind MiceÂ

Well you’re right about the ride, you sent the ole hometown into a tizzy. Though one wonders how you snuck by the radar of the Northern View letter to the editor dept. Apparently they are not as thorough as the Daily News.

I dunno, I think you ought to keep baiting the bears so to speak, the project at least got people talking, so unlamb like of the place…   

Kind of reminds me of Ender’s Game.

Speaking of outrage, this reminds me of one or two articles in the 13th edition of the NWCC newspaper, the response to the articles is not very pleasant, way worst than plao’s.

BTW, you’re forgiven plao.

Wow …Lao and mcsash have been figured out by the dept store security antics of I smell fish.  I would say that his/her conspiracy theories were well founded, just like a cheesy “who dunnit” crime story in a womans rag mag.  That I respect…and good work.
I think deep down lots of people semi agreed with LAO’s positions…and the northern view did like the content, tone, writing style and knew it would make people talk.  As for the daily news…they did print one of his letters…by no other choice than to keep up with the times.  The same letters were sent to the province…the sun and national post. 

I still think the recreational aspect and park zone should be something our elected officials and busines leaders should stand up for.

Take care and all the best for you, your family and the good people of our home …in the year 207

I try to sneak things in our local paper, but I always get caught. They phone back to confirm and I can’t help laughing when they ask for Wakya Kahkov or Gunnar Gechya.