Msn trouble

Well every time I sign it it freezes but I don’t think i even get that far. I tried uninstalling and then reintalling. Is there anything eles i could do?

What OS? I would use google. I just had an issue with realplayer on my Mac and a simple google search answered the problem with a very easy solution.

If it’s the chat prog you’re refering to use Trillian from or if Mac try Adium.

Spyware. MSN+ or some such thing, I’ll bet.

Download spybot search and destroy, update, scan, clean.

All methods tried and failed, but still greatful.

Anything eles guys?

As you see everyone is playing the guessing game. It would help severially if you could possibly illusidate on what the subject is, what version, etc. Like, you know, hay man, tell us a story with a begining, a middle, then an end. Paint a picture! Or is it a whach- a -mi-call it?

Doctor, doctor, hurry its broken. What is broken? I don’t know but it is.

Holy fuckadoodle, man.

That was the first post of yours that I actually understood.

Congratulations on your newborn coherence!