MSN on Mac?!?!


I use MSN on Mac OS X (MacBook Pro) and the pisser keeps logging me off after only a few minutes.  It’s bullpiss!  What’s the deal?  Why is this happening?  Does anybody else experience this problem?

I had this problem with version 6.0.1 and now that I have 6.0.2 it’s even worse!

I am at my wits end.  If only MSN would stay logged in then all the ladies would probably want me…

Hjelpa mig!

I had this problem with msn once too. Then i opened the ports and port forwarded.  Do you have the osx firewall on ?

I dunno, I’ve never used the Microsoft MSN client.  I always found it crappy.

Either use one of the multi-protocol clients like Fire:   I’ve used adium before, it rocks.

Otherwise, there’s a way to have iChat use MSN through a jabber gateway – I’ve done that as well, so that MSN uses iChat instead.

Or finally, if you want to use your webcam, use Mercury Messenger:

If the same problem happens on one of those clients, then it’s probably a problem with your connection.

Oh, I should add that I rarely use an IM client anymore.  I’m all about the meebo these days. – it does MSN, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, Google Chat, all on a shiny web 2.0 website.

so um, how come inyour screen shots you are using msn client on mac then ? … apters.jpg … garage.jpg … enshot.jpg


it’s not the connection. It’s something with your firewall. Ive had this problem lots too. turn off your osx firewall ? or check your router.

That’s like 5 years ago.

I have the exactly same problem. Never tried the other programs as I only use MSN, reluctantly.
Cell phones piss me off enough. People wanting me to instantly talk with them, harrumph! :angry:

I have one of these.  Love the QWERTY keyboard :smiley:

with unlimited text messaging. its wicked. also use email too :stuck_out_tongue: … 0dbe4b5023