MSN Messenger 7 BETA

Got it. Just wondering if anyone else was in the loop.

I want it!! They never invited me :frowning:

Thats because you suck at teh intranet. I got it, but I like my 4.6 better.

I must really suck at “teh internet”. I didn’t get versions 6.3 - 7.0 8)

No, I said intranet.

I wish I was cool like dylan and knew words like that.

(Dangerous display of sarcasm)

MSN is for children. The pablum of the Internet…

[quote=“Ghost3x”]Got it. Just wondering if anyone else was in the loop.[/quote]

wow someone who has actually posted a possibe real screenshot of msn messenger 7.0 I’ve seen nothing but fake concepts and fake logon screens

I wouldn’t mind having it though its not mandatory to have it as I am quite satisfied with 4.6 myself…ah yes simplicity is good

I like a little program called Miranda.

was that program created in Newfoundland by chance?

I wouldnt waste my time putting a fake screenshot. Gotta clear up some hosting space first before i can give it out.

Trillian can still so beat that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes, Miranda was invented in Newfoundland. Along with many other widely used computer programs.

Oh, wait…


Meh I have it now…found it on trustworthy oDC, msn seems to be a lil snazzier looking and I like fooling around with the winks though it will become a real annoyance (most likely) when 7.0 goes public

I like the NUDGE option. though im sure it will become a huge annoyance.

Nudges and winks, thankfully, can be disabled just like emoticons. And finally, one can have E. Mail address based contact list display, instead of having to cope with other people’s often confusing display names. Still no custom naming though (but Messenger Plus takes care of that once there’s a version compatible with 7.0). I also like that display images appear in online notifications (but it loads it from the contact like when somebody opens a conversation window, thus when a dial-up user signs on, everybody who has them on their contact list will be downloading a 96*96 image from them at once :S). Still no offline/away/back pop-up notification options though.
Anyhow, still sticking with Trillian for its adlessness, cross-medium support, skinability, plugins, customization, and overall goodness.

Go into the MSN Messenger options and you could change this long ago.