MP3 Player... STAT!

I have a week to get a new mp3 player or I’ll be bored out of my mind for a week out of town without one. I need something small in size, easy to carry, easy to use, doesn’t come with Sony’s crappy propriatory software, not charged solely by USB, and holds at least 1GB if not more.

Oh and I need a place with fast shipping too. Any ideas?

Don’t say The Source… they don’t have anything I want.

iPod nano?


I’d go for the iPod nano…

I bought an Mpio that holds 1gb. I was fairly happy with it.

But I managed to find a brand new Ipod mini, yes brand new ( I know they are no longer on the market.) I like the ipod because I bought an adapter that broadcasts it on FM, so I am able to listen to my ipod on the road. The adapter was also very inexpensive.

Heh, FM radio broadcasters aren’t exactly new technology! You can pick up a high quality unit for around 40$-50$ nowadays that just plugs into any sort of headphone jack and lets you listen to tunes in your car.

But the iTrip or whatever it is is pretty cool I guess.

Good stuff.

I’d like an iPod myself. I think I’d go for the nano though and get myself a durable shell.

That isn’t one of those life drives, is it?

True and False.

True that you can get a decent unit for $40-$50… false that any headphone jack one will be “high quality”. With the headphone jack ones, you’re taking an amplifier (the mp3 player) and setting it’s amplified signal to another amplifier (the car cd/radio deck) so you have to kind of “match” the mp3 player’s volume to the car deck’s volume to get good sound. If you want high quality from your mp3 player in your car, get one of the adapters that plugs into the USB of the player. My friend has one for her iPod video that is very near CD quality.

Also, take a look at the Creative mp3 players. I bought a Creative Zen Nano Plus (512mb… but there is a 1gb version), it’s tiny, lasts a long time on a single AAA, and has great sound quality. It can also be used as a removable drive to store anything else on, so instead of using the supplied software I just installed the drivers and drag-and-drop files onto it. I’m assuming this means I can also use it on a mac as well as use it with one of the USB-reading radio transmitter things in my car.

Here’s a photo of the player I mentioned comparing it to the size of the included earbud headphones:

Those headphones are pretty good, too. I’ve got a pair of full-sized headphones I use most of the time but the supplied ones are better than any other earbuds I’ve heard which is good for when I want to slip the player and headphones into my pocket or “sneakily” listen to it during lectures at school.