mp3 format conversion

After uploading an internet radio mp3 file(usually in the size area of 10mb) to my creative zen 20gb player,i often have to convert the file format to mono at 64kbps because the file uploaded as is plays too slowly. This conversion process causes my cpu to run at near 100%. I have tryed to adjust the settings in the software i am using(creative media source)in order to upload the file without having to convert the format, but i have not had success. Is there a way to do this. Or is there a way to ease the load on the cpu during conversion? Thank You.

Uhhh, buy a new c’pewter, perhaps?

Better yet, rather than convert it to MP3 just play it on your computers speakers and hook up a mic to a tape player and record it onto tape. Tape is better anyway.

Have you tried opening your case, take the processer chip off and soak it in hot water for, id say 3 to 4 hours. I had to do this twice, now my mp3s play great. Plus my cpu runs at 69ish% now.

try this: … -converter