MP3 file question

Scrolling through my mp3 collection, I see that some of my files are indeed
BLUE!!! Also those blue mp3 files cannot be copied to my mp3 player? What up wit dat?


Scrolling through with what?


Windows Media Player?

Sorry about that. Scrolling through Windows Exporer.


Maybe those blue files are DRM’s in some way that prevent the files from being copied to your MP3 player.

You sure they’re not WMA files? MP3s generally don’t do DRM.

What exactly is blue? Can you take a screenshot or something?

You had to ask…

Here is a screen shot of blue mp3 files.

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No, but seriously, how do you know they are MP3 files. You can’t see their extensions. Check their properties, or turn on file extensions and you’ll figure out what they really are.

Mig, I only have mp3 songs. None other…no wma, no ra, no ram.

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Ok are you sure that you are using Window’s Explorer. Some Mp3 play somewhere (such as creative) will install there own version of Windows Explorer or a plug-in to work with their Mp3 player. (Creative Explorer)

Second, Check the properties. Check to see if it’s read only. Check the tag information. Make sure the file is complete. Can you play it from your computer? Check the tag information. Make sure your Mp3 player supports the tag information (shouldn’t make a differnce) and the bitrate of the file. Make sure it’s not compressed. (Although that shouldn’t make a difference)

Finally, make sure the destination path (mp3 player) is located, fully functional, and fully operational.

It’s always the small things that we forget.

And if all that doesn’t work, don’t worry, they were crapy songs anyway.

I noticed on my Windows machine that “blue” files are compressed. Are you using compression to save disk space?