Mozilla...... um WTF?

My Mozilla is on crack. I just started it up, and it has reverted back to it’s complete original self… no skin, no history, no bookmarks, no nothing! Dialog boxes are popping up out of nowhere asking me about permissions, and saving passwords, and all sorts of crap that I got rid of long ago.

I haven’t fooled with any settings at all. WTF is going on?

That has happend to me twice now, I customize it to the way i like it, and a few months later every thing is gone.

HI Smartass. Try this discussion forum. I believe your answer is there.

That would be fine and dandy if all I was worried about was the home page resetting. I want all my bookmarks back! I tried a system restore, thinking that I may have done something without knowing it… but that didn’t work.

This is really annoying me… regular mozilla is so UGH!

I’ve been using firefox again, and it’s great… but damn I had a lot of good bookmarks!

Mmmm, sounds like thw work pixies.

You leave the god damn pixies out of this one

OK so I figured something out… I found out that the bookmarks and themes I had been using all the time, are in the default mozilla profile instead of my own profile. As far as I remember, I was always logged in and using my own profile, and there was never even a choice between the 2 before, as I’m the only one that uses this machine.

Any ideas why it would have changed?

How do I get back to using the defualt profile instead of the one I’m stuck in now?

dun dun dun… fixed it myself. I learned something today!

Does that mean the world is going to end?


Does that mean the world is going to end?[/quote]

Have you heard me sing yet?

Paste a link to an mp3 please :stuck_out_tongue: