Moving to Prince Rupert

Hello, I am really looking forward to moving to PR.  I’m looking for any info on the town and the schools.  (PRSS and Westview) 
Also, I am currently employed as a middle manager for the feds, but will be looking for employment in Rupert.  Any suggestion for companies who may be hiring would be appreciated.

PS.  Good Forum, Well Done!

Welcome to htmf.

School info:

I would say welcome to Prince Rupert but I don’t live there anymore :smile:

Thanks for the Welcome, BigThumb. 

I have become familiar with the SD 52 Web in the last few months.  Not a format I’m use to…Perhaps it easier for the younger folk :neutral_face:

BTW - Was the move away by choice?  Would you like to return to Rupert?

The move was by choice because our families were very far ( in the Maritimes) and we wanted to move closer.  If it wasn’t for that, I’m pretty sure we would still be in Prince Rupert.  Yes, the rain is tough to deal with at times but the lifestyle is pretty darn good and the people are great. 
We enjoy where we are now but we have many good memories from BC.
Have fun there.

I just moved to Rupert, and I LOVE it!  It’s been such a postive move for me and my family for sure!

Thanks for the reply Princess of Power.  I’m very encouraged by your message and I’m sure we will love it too!

Welcome to htmf, Logana!  Great to have you aboard. :smiley:

No immediate thoughts on jobs…but I do have a house for sale!  :smiley:

I don’t know what skills you have - but Northern Health has some management and admin positions posted on their website… - click ‘careers’ - then ‘job postings’

Web design by committee.  Sucks.