Moving to Prince Rupert

For someone who has never been to Prince Rupert, I would recommend visiting here before deciding to pack and go. Take it from someone who had lived in PR for 25 yrs and lived in Kelowna for 8. Not only will you have to deal with isolation and rain like you have never in your life seen you will have to deal with so so much more. It is not a booming town that it once was, it is run down and worn out. You will have to deal with small town, small mindedness and everyone wanting to know your business its name is Prince Rumor for a reason. If you don’t have a job to go to then this is not the place to be its unemployment rate is very high and morale can be very low. Don’t get me wrong PR has its good things to but as far as I can see they are few and far between. If you are only moving to find cheaper housing look on the Island at least you will get seasons there and you can afford to live there too. The move to PR would be the worse mistake you could ever make if you are coming from K town. Hope this helps!

so sad to read all the negative comments about this town. Yes we have terrible weather here and we are rather isolated but why all the negative. We have some of the most breath taking scenery and some of the nicest people living here. I don’t think bashing the town is going to help with the morale of this city. And just for the record all small towns have a rumor mill.

I have to agree about the negative comments about Rupert. I lived in Rupert for over 40 years, and no one was ever in my business, and I enjoyed the rain, walking along the waterfront in the rain was one of my favorite pass times it was calming and very grounding to me. I particuarily liked it when it was very windy. I have since moved away , but when ever I get close to Rupert as I come home to visit family, I can feel my whole body change and my sense of belonging take hold. Does it rain alot, yes, is Rupet Isolated, yes, is Rupert a small town with those with small minds, yes, but that is it’s charm and one’s attitude to these variables speaks to how one fits in, adapts and becomess part of a community.

I think we need to let everyone judge for themselves how Rupert will impact them… And in regards where to live, who knows, each area has it’s own charm and pitfalls like any city. But I do like the idea of renting before buying so that one can make an educated decsion on where to live.

I’ll second that.

I agree with this post 100%. I have lived in both places, and it is not easy going south to north. More rain in October than an entire year in Kelowna. And sunshine hours? Forget about it. You may like it at first, but after a couple of years, even the “scenery” isn’t enough.

Prince Rupert is good for you if:

  • You’re not an ambitious person
  • Looking for a slack life
  • Not expecting much in terms of amenities
  • Like nature, rain, and fresh seafood.

Prince Rupert is a close knitted community, which has it’s own benefits and disadvantage. Vandalism, B&E, and theft is pretty frequent there. Digital TV and internet are known to be unreliable, provided that CityWest is the only provider in the city. Homes are affordable there, but don’t be surprised about paying high property tax while getting little in municipal services.

Really how much does it rain? From what I read on average 2/3 days are rain. Summer there it must warm up, why is it said there are no seasons? I understand the comments about visiting before moving, but it is a work related move for us, so it just isn’t an option. As for a small town, the charm does appeal to me. There is a pool, not sure what exactly the Lester Pearson?? Centre is, a movie theatre. Correct me if I’m wrong, which I were well may be, but does prince rupert not have a lot of amenities for a small town?

[quote=“PLA”]Prince Rupert is good for you if:

  • You’re not an ambitious person
  • Looking for a slack life
  • Not expecting much in terms of amenities
  • Like nature, rain, and fresh seafood.[/quote]


My wife and I are both ambitious professionals.
Life for us is anything but slack, whether socially or business wise.
The amenities satisfy us on a day to day basis and if we need or want more we go to
Prince George or Victoria.
You did get one right, we like nature, rain and seafood.


My wife and I are both ambitious professionals.
Life for us is anything but slack, whether socially or business wise.[/quote]


Actually I was going to say you’re in the wrong place, but… meh.

I find the assessments of Rupert both the good and bad to be fair. Rupert has many great qualities however there are times I love it here and times I just want to get the hell out, many friends feel the same way.But be fair to yourself and come it see it for yourself, with a visit first, it’s not for everyone and I can understand both the good and bad assessments.

The cost of living can be reasonable if you are okay with basic housing and not traveling out much. However if you buy a home,as mentioned be prepared for high property taxes and very low services…Be prepared for high traveling costs, $550+ round trip tickets to Vancouver,or long hours driving and winter road conditions that are very difficult at times. This past summer was okay but many years we don’t have much of one. If you like nature, and the outdoors you will enjoy that part of it. Be careful buying an expensive home here the markets tends to be overinflated and getting a return on investment unless you are here for the long term is dicey. I know many who had to take loses. For a small town the civic center and pool are okay. We all bitch about city west but to be fair the services they provide are reliable for the most part. Very short commute times is a plus, if you stay in town gas costs are reasonable given the short distances. You can go home for lunch breaks if you like…

I know several professionals that came here from southern bc and they are happy with the simple life up here but again it’s not for everyone…
I wish you the best in your endeavor

Don’t worry about amenities. You can drive to Terrace for shopping, and PG or lower mainland for other stuff.

It’s a small town, expect small town mentality from some locals, but not from other professionals.

The weather is fine, don’t sweat it. You do appreciate sunny days, though, and they aren’t that rare. And if you need more sun, just drive inland or fly south. Every Spring in Prince Rupert is the best Spring ever. A friend used to call it Lululemon season.

I agree with those who say you shouldn’t buy right away, at least until you’ve lived in Rupert for a few months. Municipal services are fine, they’re just expensive (property taxes), and you’ll find lots of fees for everything. No big deal.

If you enjoy your job and make some friends, all the negatives will be largely outweighed by the positives. I agree with PLA that some jobs just have no place to go ambition-wise, unless you’re in with the right social or political group. But that’s ok, nothing’s permanent.

I left Prince Rupert in 2010, after an 11-year stint ("I’ll try it for a year to see if I like it!), and I do miss it – especially the people. Very few shitheads in Rupert. Though if you seek them out, you’ll find them!

Come back to this thread in a year and give us your assessment!

First of all, congratulations on your position in our beautiful little community. You are fortunate to have an opportunity here at a time when there is lots on the horizon and the future is bright. Prince Rupert is not for everyone. It seems that people either love it or hate it. I’ve been here since the 1960’s and will admit that the lure to sunnier places is something that keeps me thinking and pondering my future. I’m sure there will be a time in the not too distant future that I will leave with my other half to somewhere that will give us a more pleasurable retirement.

With that said, Prince Rupert is an amazing and unique place. It’s rich with culture and history. The land and surrounding natural attributes have a lot to offer, especially if you enjoy the outdoors. Lakes, rivers, the Pacific Ocean, mountains, peace and serenity…all things that many of us take for granted but are here for our enjoyment. No rush hour traffic which means that you get more time for your family or interests. The economy is on the upswing which could be extremely beneficial to you if you do decide to buy a home when you arrive. From what I’m told the housing market is expected to gain some steam which increases your equity. You’re coming in at a good time before things really heat up. The rain gets to most of us at some point although there are many that love the mild climate. The good news is that there is very little shoveling in the winter. When the sun shines one really appreciates it as there can be large gaps between sunny periods. There can be long periods without rain too although rain is the most prominent weather condition here. The Lester Centre is a Theatre named after a former mayor who was once the longest acting mayor in Canadian history. There are some small productions there from time to time. You won’t find Home Depot, Costco, The Gap or a Wendy’s here but we do have a Walmart, a Shoppers Drug Mart, McDonalds and a Tim Hortons. We don’t have everything here but we all fare quite well with what we have.

Life is all about experiences and adventures. Good luck with yours. Rupert is really what you make of it so I hope you enjoy your time in a very special little place that my family calls home.

How much does it rain? We are a designated rain forest and according to the Tourism BC Guide, we receive 9’ annually but when the sun does shine, we soak it up knowing it may not return for a long time. Bottom line is you will like it or you will not ! You have small children so you will probably meet other moms at one of the daycare centers or they have childrens activities happening at the rec. center but you have to check as they seem to cancel some without notice. As for amenities, it depends on what you are looking for, we don’t have a great deal but we make the best of it or head out for a weekend away when we can. We have some beautiful camping areas outside of town especially Diana Lake, about a 15 min. drive out of town. Very pretty there for BBQ’s and swimming.

Lester Centre is the best theatre this side of P.G. There is a Community musical every second year. There is also Harbour Theatre, the local theatre club that puts on several small shows annually at the Tom Rooney playhouse, including a summer fringe-style festival. We also have a very vibrant music and dance community. There is an arena, good swimming pool, gyms complex, a year-round golf course, curling rink, racquets centre, three large sports fields (used for soccer, rugby and flag football) and two softball diamonds, tennis courts, big museum, and three-screen cinema - not to mention a quality ski hill just over an hour’s drive away. Of course, when it warms up there, there is plenty of opportunity for hiking, kayaking, whatever you might want do in the ocean, the many lakes, trails and mountains. If you are even slightly creative or motivated, there is PLENTY to do here and it is not cliquey; clubs and sports teams will welcome you with enthusiasm!

The only thing in Rupert that you will miss coming from Kelowna:

-Fast Food selection (McDonald’s, Tim Horton’s, Subway, Panago & A&W/Pita Pit (coming soon) is all we got)
-Chain/Franchise retailers (we do have some, but FAR FAR less than Kelowna)
-Cost of Travel to get out.

But living by the ocean is IMO unrivaled by ANYTHING the interior of BC can offer.

You really need to educate yourself about the environment your planning on moving into. Prepare yourself for over 200 days of rain per year. The area also sees a high rate of unemployment. You may want to take a look at Port Edward also as there’s a bit less rain. Good luck in your new journey.

And you dont have to worry about forest fires !

Welcome to the rainforest, yes it rains. I have lived in Rupert all my life. Spent 7 years working in Vancouver , mom lives in salmon arm.

The weather south is better but a small town has other attributes. This is one place where you will see people you know almost eveywhere you go.( in your case it will take about a week)
You can drive across town in about 15 minutes, grocery store 5, and an hour to get out after talking to everyone!!
The lester center is our performing arts centre. we also have the Tom Ronney Play house where there are all sorts of performances through out the year. We love dogs here in Rupert(most of us do!) and we have wolves , the odd bear and deer all over the place…
The pace is slower here , we have more time . Not having to wait in a line of cars for hours there is time to smell the roses. We have islands , trails , boats and nice drives to Terrace on the weekend.

Coming to Rupert should be an adventure for you . Rupert is waiting for you. There are a few places up here on Crestview for sale. Nice quiet circle street with lots of bush behind most of the houses .some ocean views or nice mountian views as well.Close to elementry school and high school, swimming pool.

hope this helps you . take care

Having a social network is desirable here in Prince Rupert. I would advise you to get out to a gym or another venue and meet people. As MiG mentioned I’ve found that the people here in PR are very friendly; I have wonderful friends here on the North Coast. It does rain a lot, but if you are active socially and have an exercise program you will be fine.

and remember when looking for a house always get it inspected, and if you are looking at houses on Graham or Atlin avenue there is a pellet plant being built in that area with 100 foot silos so do you homework or ask questions with the realtor when looking at those areas.