Moving.....maybe, possible jobs?

Hi there,
just signed up, so I figured Ill ask some questions. I have been going fishing to Terrace for years, and made a trip to Rupert every year. Loved it every year. I live in Prince George, but I think before I start family, I would like to move to Rupert. I am in my late 20’s and so is my girlfriend.
Just wanted some ideas regarding jobs and carrers in Rupert. You dont have to tell me regarding fishing, I know its amazing, and I’ve been there million times.

I know the port is expanding, and that is definatelly an option. I did Computer Science at University of northern BC, with minor in psychology, I got 8 years experience. Currently I am Computer Manager in a larger firm in Prince George. Ive been a network administrator at the university, and Ive done a fair amount of programming while in school. I started fixing computers at first, but then specialized in networking. I got various certificates. My girlfriend is in school, and will be done next july. I dont mind moving there before that, but we are both willing to move there by next summer. We dont necesarily need to move at the same time. Jobs are not issues for her. Im a little worried about my job. I do get a decent salary now, but hate Prince George, and living in this town. Any idea of what I should ask for starting salary?

Any ideas where I should apply. Although I’ve been there many times, I dont know what companies are there. I dont mind doing similar technical jobs, but as long as they are somewhat related to my profession.

I have an idea what places are going for, so that is really no biggie.

Any comments, questions or answers will be much appriciated.

Thank you very much.

If you can help me out, maybe Ill buy a beer when I move there :smiley:

Take care


Try citytel/citywest they were looking for some entry level people there a while back. I applied but decided against going back up there  :sunglasses: I dont really see any other options for places to have a career unless you feel the need to start your own business in the already over saturated computer service market in prince rupert.

hmmm, not what I wanted to hear, but I appricate the honesty. How much does “entry level” in rupert pay? Im suprised to see an abundance of highly (university) educated IT people in such a small town. Maybe Im wrong. Doesn’t the port have a fair size IT department?

Thanks again

I’m not actually in rupert and not intending on moving there (at least not anytime in the foreseeable future) I am not sure what the job paid I didnt get to the point of salary negotiations before I changed my mind.

Your best bet would be to give them a call, with the port not being built just yet I doubt there is much of an IT staff however once it has been built it may be a good place for a career opportunity.

Again I am not looking to move there so I am not too familiar with the market however when I lived there jobs were pretty scarce especially in IT.

I’d recommend sending out a few resume’s to citywest perhaps ridley terminals etc and see if there are any bites. One of the locals may be able to suggest some other places I havnt been there for more than a month in the past 3 years.

We’re a small town so options in a specific field are limited. Keeping an eye on the port would be a good idea as they will most likely need IT support. I guess my best advice right now is to not come here unless you have a job lined up before hand.


Probably the best advice of the bunch, wait until the Port is up and running and with it the ancillary jobs that should eventually follow.

However if so inclined, to get your name out there, perhaps try PR Grain, Ridley Terminals, the Port itself, the School District, City Tel and the Credit Union. Other than that considering what you are looking for,  it’s best to wait and see what happens here before moving on spec.

oh I completely agree with you guys. I want to line up a job before I move. Put it this way, I have a pretty decent paying job as we speak. I dont need to move. I WANT to move. So I figured I need to line something up from here, and my girlfriend will join me later.

Thanks for the ideas for the places to send resume to. When is the port expected to be 100% operational? For a minute I thought I missed out, as it sounded it was completely done and just about ready to get going. But you guys told me otherwise. Thank you.

If anyone has any other places that would be good for my line of work, do suggest. I am going to update my resume and cover letter, and start sending it out. I figured if the port has me on file, that might be beneficial.

Once again, thanks for your help, and all responses are much appriciated.