I know that this as been asked many times before but what site is good for downloading movies thanks that doesnt take hours and hours

  1. There is no reliable site that hosts movie files in the traditional downloadable formats. Almost everything is done through torrent files. Look it up, and find the download client that will work for you.

  2. Even at conservative compression levels, a feature length film usually clocks in at no less than 650MB. Considering local internet speeds and the global demand for these files, the download process logistically will take hours and hours (if not days).

While I can’t endorse downloading pirated movies, I can at least point you in the direction of some useful torrent sites:

set your torrent downloader to 20-30 downloaded files at once.

Find all the movies you want to download, and turn it on when ever your not using your internet.

There are sites you can stream movies off for all the latest releases (movies,games,music,tv shows,software/applications,tech news,docus… and basically anything “scene”)

I use rlslog to keep up to date with the movies coming out, and Adrive/yaStorage/Flyupload to download movies directly… most of them going like 500 KB/s  :imp:

but some good torrent sites are - Mininova, ThePirateBay, IPTorrents, NewTorrents.Info

do not use TorrentSpy (if it is even up still … they openly record their traffic for IPs)

I also would not recommend ISOHunt as it has changed drastically, and not for the best I must say.

but this is my personal opinion, and you may find it of a beneficial site for you to use. so it’s all good.