Movie Run

So is movie run gone now?

I didnt think it would work out.

Yeah no kidding. I was kinda crazy. Rupert need money for things to work. NEED MORE JOBS!!!

“Hello govn’t. Remember is people on the Northwest Coast?”

what was movie run? where was it? sorry, i’ve been out of rupert for almost 3yrs.

Movie Run was a service that someone was providing where you could rent movies through them, from the comfort of your home and they would deliver the movie to you. I think they would even pick it up to return it.

I’m not sure what happened to them. They either weren’t charging enough and lost money, or they were not getting enough business and lost money.

that would have worked if they had a store front open regular movie store hours. the biggest problem was their hours of operation. most the time i rent a movie its past 7pm.