Movie name?

does any one know what that movie is called about. hmmm how to word it here ? well Cher was one of the ladies that was having the abortions or the dr giving the abortion and I cant remember the other actresss names but Im looking for the name of the movie if any one can please help

“If these walls could talk”, it also starred Demi Moore. 
This was actually on TV not long ago!!!
There is also a part 2 to this movie.

will give you all you need to know about movies actors actresses or w/e

It was called “If these walls could talk” but I did not know there was a part 2. It also starred Sissy Spacek, I believe, and was a very emotional and powerful movie. In my opinion anyway. I will look forward to the sequel…



hey thanks very much I got it now now just to find it on dvd. as for the 2nd part it is about lesbians from past to the present has any one seen it ? is it good or what ? or just a cheap porn ?