Move to New Server

I’m a curious bird. Did we move to a new server because of the new software, better specs on the server, better deal, better up time potential?

HTMF is one of my hobbies :smile:

Using this new software lets me learn how to use Docker, and a few other technologies. It also is better maintained than phpbb was, and is fully open-source on github, etc.

The server itself is about half as powerful as the old one, but since most of HTMF now runs inside the user’s browser, rather than on the server, it’s just fine.

The new software is also more conversation-friendly, and less prone to spamming. I spent too much time trying to stop spammers on phpbb.

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Oh, and it looks great on mobile devices as well.

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(moved to site-stuff forum since others may have the same questions)

Thanks for the reply, MiG. :slight_smile:

Some other stuff:

  • The new site allows you to register and sign on with facebook/google/yahoo/twitter

  • The new site uses Markdown – I’m a big fan.

  • I’ve made it so that regular users don’t see ads, nor any Google tracking, etc.

  • Occasional users of HTMF (i.e.: every few weeks or so) will receive weekly ‘digests’ of anything new.

  • The site can update live, without having to refresh your browser. Just leave it open and it will let you know when something happens.

  • HTMF can send you Mac OS X notifications, right to you desktop. If that’s your thing :slight_smile: i.e.: send me a personal message and I get a notification.

  • I love how easy it is to upload photos and link videos and sites. Drop a twitter link in a post, and it will auto-expand into a card, for example. Or just link to an external image:

I’m sure there are other things too, but mainly I wanted a change for the sake of a change. And since I’ve just installed this same software for a client, I had some experience with it.

I really like the new live feature on HTMF where the site refreshes without having to reload your browser.