Mouse scrolling problems

Okay, I’ve tried to fix this once already, and it worked, but now it seems to be acting up again.
I recently got a bunch of updates for windows seven. And after that, my mouse scrolling decided to move a few pages at a time, instead of the one it’s set to. I fixed it using Microsoft mouse and keyboard center, and it worked for a while, but now it’s back to the fast scrolling again. The mouse settings in both places I know of, are set exactly the same and as low as they can go. Anyone know what might be going on?

What brand and model number is your mouse?

It’s a Microsoft wireless mobile mouse 3500.

I didn’t have time to read up on your problem, but item 3 in the above search may be helpful.

Thanks for the sarcastic response. But, seeing as I’m of the younger generation, I do know how to google things. If I hadn’t googled it already, I wouldn’t be here asking.

I wasn’t being sarcastic. You came here with your problem, and I quickly tried to find an answer for you. I’m sorry your problemed mouse has bigger problems than what you’re posting :frowning:

Additionaly, I tried to read this thread a few times, but your posts were blank. Hmmm, must have had you blocked for a reason. Now I know why~!

Hehe! Come on, Let Me Google That For You is a time-honours HTMF tradition! Don’t take it personally.

Anyway, the problem is that you have more than one program or control-panel or whatever handling your mouse preferences. Did you install any software with it? What does the control panel for the mouse settings look like?

That would make sense as to why it started happening after I installed the Microsoft mouse and keyboard center. There were some other updates that might have affected it as well. PS, A google search did not tell me that info. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aha. root of the problem. You installed something from Microsoft.
Uninstall them in device manager, uninstall any program in Control Panel and reboot with a normal mouse. Then just plug the wireless one in and it should fix it.
Anything that comes wit a driver disk - it’s a “last resort”. Don’t even touch the thing unless Windows asks for it, and then don’t run the SETUP that pops up. That’s absolute last resort.

Yeah, I had no problems until the updates were installed. I don’t think this mouse even came with a disk. And I don’t think I have a regular mouse, so I’ll just have to unplug it.

Fixed! Thank you guys. <3