Mountie doesn't get his moose … NU20121025

[quote]An officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police was injured early on Thursday after being charged by a bull moose while driving on patrol in central British Columbia.

The officer was driving toward two moose at an intersection in the small community of Prince Rupert in an attempt to head off another vehicle approaching the same junction.

As the officer neared the animals, a bull moose charged his vehicle, breaking the front bumper as it jumped on the roof of the car. The moose began stomping and kicking, and a hoof broke the driver’s side window, injuring the officer.[/quote] … NU20121025

Woud love to see the video!

According to CBC it was Prince George, not Prince Rupert. Not many moose roaming around here, deer maybe.

Prince George, Prince Rupert, whatever, it’s the same place isn’t it? hahah!

bahahhaa Can’t believe that happened here.