Mountie Dodges Discipline After Punching Man

"A Terrace man wants to know why an officer who repeatedly punched him after an arrest was never disciplined, even though the Mounties agreed what the officer did was wrong.

Most of the event was caught on a police surveillance video that was obtained by CTV. However, the RCMP took too long to investigate 24-year-old Shane Parker’s complaint – and admitted they ran out of time before they could hand out discipline to the officer." … n-1.912976

“Unfortunately, due to time limits associated with the issuance of discipline, no discipline was administered.”

The lesson is, Police brutality is ok, because as long as it’s the RCMP investigating the RCMP, you can be sure it will be a very slow investigation.

This is pretty minor compared to monty robinsons paid 5 year vacation for killing 2 people… Even after he was found guilty of obstruction of justice he still got his salary because its so difficult to fire a dirty cop…

Ah well trust your friendly neighbourhood Mountie until he punches you in hte face or runs you over with his jeep and instead of calling 911 runs home to cover his tracks. perhaps nwa had it right.