Mountain Biking and such

Im rebuilding and building new adventure trails in and around town, anyone interested in helping

i also provide bike tune-ups and repairs 15 for top end tune-up for adults and foodbank donation for kids bikes

My bro and I started the reconstruction of Chicken Coop at the Red Light District.
From the top at the cell tower walk around the fence to the other side where the power line runs down.
The top DH section is all cleared out the ladder section of the coop is untouched so dont ride it, we will work on that.
We still need some 5 gal buckets and a wheelbarrow and spikes and a chainsaw

Hi I pmd you about bike repairs. Where do you provide such service?

we are looking for some building tools, axes, hammers, shake splitters, wedges, spikes, rakes, bow saw, chainsaws,.thanks
Oh ya check out our page facebook------------>Trail Builders of Kaien Island