Mount Layton Hotsprings

Podunkian, interesting to read “Required reading before dining” under the title A Town Podunk. 

I was hoping that Mount Layton Hotsprings would be on the list but did not see it. Do you know where to find the water testing for that facility? 

I remember when the Skoglund family owned it and going out there all the time, it was great. And my last years of high school we would go to the natural pool, it fun and interesting during the day time.  :smile:  However, it just is not the same anymore and certainly would be a tourist attraction for the Northwest if it looked a lot better. 

Have not been there since last summer but did notice titles off in the hot tub and wonder if they ever got it fixed. 

Would love to hear from others their stories of the Hotsprings.  :smile:

After closing down the slides, first the tower slides and then last year the turtle slides, Mount Layton Hotsprings are closed except for the hotel. 
They are doing much needed repairs and maintenance to the pools and slides area.
I called there a few weeks ago to see when the pools reopen and was told that it is uncertain.
I always liked going there for a short getaway, stay overnight.  Unfortunately the pools have become rundown over the last few years.  They did some renos and maintenance on the hotel though and it’s not bad for an overnight stay, but the pools really need the repairs that are currently done.
As a family we like to explore the farm beside it.  It has all kinds of animals; goats, pigs, chicken, sheep, a miniature horse, and of course cows.  The old swiss-german owner is always encouraging us to explore the farm.  just walk through the gate beside the parking lot.

I hope they’ll open up again.

Not sure about the Hotsprings, but if you’re looking for a dining establishment or water report on other municipalities click on the links below and then scroll down the left hand side, they list most of the communities in BC or Alberta, helpful I guess if you’re heading down the road on vacation and thinking of stopping somewhere for a bit to eat or a dip in a pool etc. … d-frameset … s-frameset