Motorola DCX3400 PVR Wanted

I’m looking to buy a DCX3400 PVR that works with Citywest cable tv. I don’t want to shell out $475.00 before taxes to citywest for a new one.

If I bought one from Alberta or Quebec does anybody know if it would work with Citywest cable TV? I’m wondering if they are locked to certain companies the way some cell phones are?

Any thoughts are welcome!

There are some for sale on - in BC.
Some owner receivers from companies like Shaw etc are transferable on to the CityWest system. There’s no guarantee though.

Thanks guitargrrl, I’m gonna check ebay bc.

I have - are you still looking for one???

I have a Motorola DCX3416, it was bought a hear and half ago and still has a year and half warranty on it. We are moving out of the area in April and it will not work where we are going. I am selling it for $250. Please e-mail me back if you are interested.

Thank you , Shelley

How big of a hard drive does this unit have?

I have one for sale…in Terrace BC…$300.00 It is a replacement, used only one evening…switched to Satellite. Transferable warranty good until Sept 15, 2013
I am away right now but would be available end of March…
Leave a message at Mario 250-635-4016

I guess buying these things used, you’d have to be careful that the person you’re buying it from doesn’t owe money on the account? Can I assume that the reciever is tied to the account so if you buy a used one, and they owe money, that you’ve paid for nothing.

I have a Motorola DCX3400 M (500gb hd) that I will be selling before I leave PR in August 2013, plus two of the smaller Motorola DCT 700 boxes to sell.
Message me if interested.