Mother's Day

So Its Mother’s Day.

What have you done for your Mother today?


I woke up early this morning and I…uh…uh…did what Alpine Scrub did.

ha hahaahaha you wish.

I bought my mom a humungous Orchid from Four Season’s yesterday… and I’m buying her dinner tonight.

For all of you fellow slackers out there, Overwaitea has some so-so Orchids just inside the front door there.

Heh hehsnort, I bought mom computer hardware. Seriously though, Mom got a new black ink cartridge, a USB 2.0 card and some flowers. She’s been complaining about having no ink and needing to swap USB cables for ages.

My Mother’s day sucked. Spent most of it with my grandmother in the hospital. Eeeuughh I can’t stand hospitals. I always walk out of there depressed.
I purchased my mother some new threads, soles and makeup. Thought she deserved some pampering materials. And as for my mother-in-law, I bought her a planter full of pretty flowers for her patio, and created a beautiful gift basket full of goodies.

…and thats a good thing.

scrub… u trying to get your number of posts up there or something?

nah… he just likes quoting Martha Stewart.

I woke up at about 10, and my mom was already in Terrace… so I lazed around the house til about 5:30, then scooted over to Safeway and grabbed her a flowering gardenia, and had it sitting in the house like it had been there all day when she got home at 6ish.

Nicely played :wink:

hah that was like me, on saturday night at like 8:00 i went and got some stuff from safeway and got it in the house and they never got back till 2am soo like it was mothers day :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate your mother.

I called mine and wished her a happy mother’s day. It was very difficult.