Mother Nature may block our view

Ah nuts, once again it seems Podunkians will be denied one of the few free shows left in the world.

Later this evening, in those parts of the world where the clouds do not gather there will be a total eclipse of the moon available for the viewing. Expected to begin around 7 pm Pacific time, tonights event will be the last opportunity to view a total eclipse of the moon until December 20, 2010. Unlike the solar eclipse, the lunar variety can be viewed with the naked eye without fear of damage to your eyesight.

As an added bonus for those that like to watch the sky, there’s the added possibility of the shooting down of a failing satellite, a controversial bit of pro-activeness by the US Navy, that may see streaking pieces of space trash burning up in the atmosphere…

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It wasn’t all that exciting.
Especially when you live here and there aren’t any virgins left to sacrifice.

They also might shoot down that satellite tonight, and we’d get a glimpse of the debris’ re-entry.

LOL, well desperate times make for desperate measures I’m sure you found something to provide a suitable substitute.

As for the satellite debris,  just remember that old Cold War slogan duck and cover… :wink:

It would have been more exciting had I located my camera, and if the rest of the town hadn’t looked at me like I was some kind of freaking alien for even acknowledging there was an eclipse.
Huh? Duh? Sooooo? was the response I got when people asked what I was doing…

LOL, perhaps you should have mentioned the ancient rites of sacrifice that used to go with such an occassion, might have made things a tad more exciting… :unamused: