More questions than answers when it comes to School board budget shortfall

With school closures announced over a month ago and now staff layoff notices reportedly issued last week the state of local education is nearing if not already at a crisis point.
The closures and layoffs, combined with the promise of more tough decisions to come in the weeks to come, makes for a timeline of School District 52’s budget woes that is making for some very interesting conversations around town.

What has yet to be answered by the province is why 1 million dollars in funding was taken away from local school boards. On that vital financial point, there has been little in the way of information for the provinces educational hinterlands from the Ministry of Education out of Victoria, an interesting approach for a government that was once so concerned about that far off stretch of land they once christened as the “heartland of the provinceâ€

This is the same goverment that has chosen to upgrade Malaspina college to the University of Vancouver Island, then starting making staff budget cuts that may in effect close down the IT program,etc ?? Yeah, like anything that they do down there comes across as very logical… :unamused:

It makes political sense for sure.  The government gets to cut, while the local boards get the blame.  Business as usual.