More Newspeak of the New Right

First there was 'collateral damage’
then 'propylactic nuclear strike’
now “Lawful Access” to make you think something bad is good, cuz it’s got a preety name: … ew=Preview

:open_mouth: Necki, Aspie here, need to find operational manual on how to fly this machine. Steped into this whit Zero hrs. loged. Translator is probably more like it. Not to intreeged clicking here or there to see what happens. Sometimes the obvious is not concious to me. If there is no spelling machine within, who is the overseer to instill put one in. Ya, I know about WORD; but if don’t have to do extra moves , more productive, longer. Am a disfunctionalist trying his bestest. ABLED not disabled, those bastards that forced me to get certified, would like to shackle a 20 lb weight to the their leg just above the knee and force them to function for a 2,3,4… months. There is no taking it off at night either. They will end up nicely twisted, nicely meet their own criteria for disability. That would be justice not revenge. By calling them retards would be an affront to those blessed with total inecense. We should at least be able tar & feather them like in the old-old days. Public Shaming. Only hurts the EGO. They no do that again, why- because we will all know who to watch then! Auh, Ha! Amen.
This same sort of thing would be very constructive to be applied to the local devients. Especially after reading 2 Fridays ago and this past Friday’s Daily News front pages. I have some energy in the Kloya Bay hatchery contributed many, many years ago. Call up Scotie on the Enterprise and get him to rematerialize these devients between the walls and when ever they get to winey pocke something pointie through.
They show no respect , nor shall we.
Very glad to see what you posted, Also that you are vigilant at your station. Keep up the servailence (sp), same goes everyone that comes here. You all have a moral duty to report back nifareous goings on, no matter what the colour or flavour or taste. Share the wealth of our collective knowledge and skills to effectively stand on guard as in our anthem, against the snot-heads that set out to screw us. One small voice gets drowned in the excrement, One collective voice embodied by a multitude has an appreciative greater chance to be recognised. At worst the screw jobs get diverted to the High Court.
Interesting to see what happens next with propeller heads when the power goes back on in the Grand Hall of Victoria. Me, am geting ready to do battle in the courts with the tort of Gross Endangerment & Abuse of Prosses against the gov for what they sanctioned over the last 4 years.