More Misleading Headlines

Remember the thread last week about the Times-Colonist headline about finding a third foot on the beach, where the content was actually about finding a fourth foot on another beach?

Well here’s one that hits close to home, today’s Prince George Citizen sported a major article titled

and then goes immediately on to quote Fort St. James Mayor Rob MacDougall about court proceedings regarding the Pope & Tailbiter sawmill sale. Pretty much the entire story is about Fort St. James.
Really hard-hitting as the Mayor’s taking A LOT of hits here at home for not being more vocal and forceful, and Mackenzie stealing all the limelight and economic aid. Pretty embarrassing when your interviewed and the paper in the big town only 110 miles away can’t even get your town straight.

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Often the article isn’t written by the same person who writes the headline.

I used to be a regular contributor to our local rag and an area newspaper, and often if they needed to shorten my articles, instead of editing it they’d just scissor out five or six random lines.
It was almost always the transition between two things, so it made the story completely confusing, and sometimes just a few lines so one nonsensical line would be left with 2 adjacent verbs or nouns…
AFAIK they still physically cut and paste.