More in your coffee than you expected?

I was just reading the BBC and they had an interesting article about Tim Hortons coffee.  Turns out due to recent manufacturing changes during the refining process of their beans a certain pheromone, androstenone, is artificially synthesized from one of the essential oils found in the coffee bean.  Androstenone has been shown in studies to alter womens libido, causes abnormal hair growth and can cause breast growth in men. … pheromones

Anyway, long story short Tim Hortons has changed their bean refining process and will be notifying their customers to see a doctor if they have experienced any recent symptoms that may be related to the coffee.  :O  I’m glad I don’t buy my coffee!

Can you post the link to the story?

It’s on the BBC website just scroll down it’s on the left hand side! 

I gotta run to school if someone can post the link for me that’d be awesome otherwise I’ll post it when I get home.