More fun with seals

Again we went and played and interacted with the harbour seals here is a video i did. and some photos.

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Hey astro  great video  who is singing the first song on it ???

That would be Into the ocean by Blue October

thanks bubbasteve

I was somewhat infatuated with that song a few weeks ago. Couldn’t stop listening to it.

So no problem.

i love that video :smiley::D  :smiley:

I think in the summer I’m going to try and swim with them…LOL…

I always wanted to swim with whale sharks in Mexico; this might be just as cool…


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Incredible photos and video astrothug. It looks like most of the video was shot with a digital camera, is that right? Also you must have something that you can dunk under water, can I ask what?


sure its the pentax w20 its water proof to 5 feet it does video and pictures.  i believe there is a case that will let u take it even deeper…

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I saw you taking photos of the geese at the court house… any photos of those you want to share?

hi Princess

this thread… … 290.0.html

and my flickr account can be found here.

here is a heron I took today

I love the color

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i dunno about swimming with those. they aren’t whalesharks thats for sure. those sealions are stone cold killers and will bite off your wiener in a matter of seconds.