More development plans for Kitimat

The Kitimat LNG partners have purchased the old Eurocan site from West Fraser, making plans to use it as work camp base, storage area for their LNG development at Bish Cove … est+fraser

And since Enbridge is in the National Interest, it too will be coming to town. … askis.html

“New guidelines could also ease the way for projects such as Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline, which would carry oilsands crude from Alberta to the West Coast, where it would then be shipped to growing markets such as China.”

“Federal Minister of Natural Resources Joe Oliver has said the government supports the project. “Gateway, in our opinion, is in the national interest,” he said.”

Looks like Alcan has some kind of plan in place for Kemano II as well, which would probably have an impact on the Kitimat economy. … =143&st=10

Though I imagine that won’t be moving forward without a fight, considering some of the backlash starting to take shape in Prince George. … ano+tunnel? … tinto+move