More closed council meetings?

I heard that they’re having another closed council meeting on Monday Nov. 24.  :confused:

Sounds like more of the same old thing.  We just had an election.  Why is the old council having more secret meetings?  Shouldn’t the newly elected council be making decisions ?  Doesn’t seem right to me.

Does anybody know what this meeting is all about? 

Hopefully they didn’t rent the penthouse again!!! :angry:

What does everyone else think about this?

Toss HP Sauce out guess he is going to do his final damage prior to the new council being sworn in…  What the heck is going on…  Oh you can bet HP will spend bucks again, that’s all he ever did…

Closed council meetings are required sometimes when information needs to be protected especially when there are legalities involved.

Maybe he is planning a going away party for himself, Tony. Who knows what H.P. is going to do next. My Question is does Gordo really want him in the house. Shit he should really start earning his way and not depending on people to just like him.

Word is the Liberals like him lol 
When does HP Step down?  Seems like a long transfer of power process…  Let’s get going…

People on the streets say that they are holding an Incamera meeting so that Gord Howie can have Doug Jay terminated before the new council takes office.  Personally, I hope that it backfires on Howie, and the new council sends him packing. In my opinion all I have seen from Howie in the past few years is that he knows how to warm a seat… 

The homeless have a pipeline into cityhall? Who knew how much influence they really had.

I think the new council starts up Dec.1

"The homeless have a pipeline into cityhall? Who knew how much influence they really had. "

You have a great sense of humor Smurfette!