More broken windows downtown

I see that the vandalism/break and enter campaigne continues, with the second hand store on 2nd hit over the weekend, their boarded up windows make a lovely companion piece to the boarded up windows at Subway.

Perhaps the owners should just leave the boards up for cruise ship season, paint a notice to city council “that hey there may be a problem here” or something like that.

Might help to get a bit of attention to what seems to be a growing problem in the area.

Hmm, wonder if All West Glass is on the stock market, now that may be an investment for the long term if things keep going the way they are… :unamused:

If this kind of thing keeps up, are the CCTV cameras going to be too far down the road? Banning hoodies so the cameras can get a clear shot? Or maybe the shop owners should take matters into their own hands (aka “Hot Fuzz”) and the town would be short a few punks just before every cruise season??

Well, though I do think that Ken Cote and Joy Thorkelson look great in tights and masks–they’re not law enforcement.

I sure would like to see the store owners do as the Podunlian suggested, leave the plywood up and put signs on each and every one. It is down right ruid of whoever is involved, I would like to see the citizens take to the streets and take back the streets. Show the individuals that we will not stand for this shit any longer, I would like to see the citizens attend a council meeting and let the council know what they are about to do. There is talk that Myles is planning a public meeting where citizens may voice their feeling and frustrations. Stay tuned with the local paper for to take affect is what I have heard.

This is true, but remember it was council that reduced the staffing of the detachment due to the “funding crisis”, their choices of the time resulted in something like eight positions remaining unfilled…

So, perhaps tights, cape and mask might make the difference…

When is Prince Rupert becoming “Surrey North”?