Monopoly Live!


omfg this is sweet

37,500,000 in 2 hours.

26,950,000 pounds in an hour and a half. Landed on canary Wharf (Parkplace) and The City (Boardwalk) which empties my pockets a bit.

I’m sitting at 142,100,000 after 21 hours.

My 24 hour total was 548,750,000

Holy crap what properties did you own?? I decided to buy boardwalk, park place, both utilities, and the light purples this time around… we’ll see how it goes.

edit: I’m sticking with the high rollers, no more cheapos for me!

with 22 mins left, I made 448,150,000.

Go for the orange and red… best possibility of someone landing there… 9 and a half hours left and i have 448,900,000.

Just google monopoly strategies

I made 524,950,000 on my game yesterday… now I have 310,250,000 with 14.5 hours to go on this one.

897,656,000 in my last game

I’m sitting at 921,190,000 with 7.5 hrs left :smiley:

230,000,000 with 15 hours left… what properties are you buying? I was thinking of trying the yellow/green corner next round and see how that goes.

I don’t think you start off with enough money to do the Green & Yellow.
With the Green, best I can do is orange. Last round with Green & Orange I got a total of 699,850,000. A lot has to do with the cabbie you pick it seems.

The only thing the cabbie has to do with it, is loosing less money… It has nothing to do with how much money you gross.

your playing piece has something to do with it as well.

Your play peice gives you a selection of 3 cabbies. If the cabbie does lots of service to the highprice areas you don’t own, you loose more money.

I’ve tried a combo of different properties… but the best combo I’ve found so far is the dark blue, red, and dark purple (just to use up my money,) with hotels on Boardwalk and Illinois. You gotta remember what the Community Chest and Chance cards say too… those Brits can get cards that say advance to Illinois, St Charles, Boardwalk etc.

I’ve never gotten a chance//cc as far as I could tell.

That’s because the only way you can get them is by text messaging in and paying a quarter or something for a card. You get extra stuff by it, but only people in the UK can do it.

Kinda like we can’t win prizes either, cuz we aren’t in the UK.