Mock Election

I understand that CHSS is currently having a student “mock election”. One of the events scheduled was supposed to be an all candidate’s debate (for the adults running in this riding). I was disappointed to hear that only the NDP and Green party candidate are attending. Bill Belsey has refused this opportunity to share his (i.e. the Liberal) platform with future voters (and current school employee voters). This is an excellent leading opportunity for today’s young people. If the BC Liberal party is more than a gray haired upper middle class men’s club, Belsey should step up to the plate and take on this opportunity. I would like to hear that over the course of this evening Belsey has a change of heart. I look forward to seeing him attend CHSS tomorrow for what will likely be a very educational event. If any Belsey supports or anyone with influence reads HTMF, encourage Bill to attend.

Bill just doesn’t want to get pwned by school kids, or MiG.

Actually, Bill Belsey’s been in my class, along with the minister of education. No big deal…

Ya, that debate is going to be pretty boring. “Well umm… I think we should preserve natural resources.” “Uhh… ya me too.” “Well, I think we should preserve them more.” “Wtf, I hack you!”