Missing Kitty

This is Monty. He is an indoor 8 month old neutered male cat that has been missing for a few days. He got out of a window from the 1600 block of Omineca. He is missed, if you have seen him either phone/txt 250-600-3388 or message on here.

Please go up to the SPCA. They have so many cats there now and some are in their new room upstairs so if you can, try and make it up there tomorrow. There is a garage sale there starting at 9 but the shelter does not open until 1PM. However, I am sure an exception could be made as someone will be there for the sale. Have you posted flyers, tried the vets office or even just leave some food out near your door with a box and a blanket in it.  That is what I did when mine escaped awhile ago and after staying up all night looking for her, she finally got hungry and came home. Being an indoor cat, he will be scared and probably hiding in the most unlikely place.  Good Luck and keep us posted…He will come home, just being a little rebel  !!

I think I saw a cat like that wandering around the Pineridge School area. It was wandering around the lower field and at the school. He/she seemed a bit lost. I didn’t realize that there was a missing cat until I saw on here. Wish I had seen this sooner. :frowning:

I will keep my eye’s open, I am driving around town all the time  :neutral_face: Good luck!!

Thanks, the SPCA knows and same with the vet. Hopefully he finishes his adventure soon! Im worried cause he lives with 3 dogs, so if he sees a wolf he may try and make friends

Awe…that’s such a nice looking cat.  Hope you find your cat.  :frowning:

hes an SPCA kitty… still missing tho…

He looks a bit like my Ozzy Cat.  Hope you find your baby.

Monty has been found! He ran inside someones house and has been hanging out there!

HURRAY!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yay!!! :smiley:

lol thats what im thinking! I had another outside/inside cat who had went on an adventure, and they were in houses behind each other!..cats are weird!

so were safe from “monty” chow mein at new moon…yeah!

Ahhhhhh…Now that brings a beautiful day to an absolutely great close…I am so happy for you and for Monty…Tell him he is grounded and will not be allowed out again until he is a teenager…Worked for me or not  :wink:  Hurray…!! Thanks for keeping us posted…

We “adopted” an outside/inside cat who went on an adventure. He showed up at our house one day howling to get in. The dog couldn’t scare him away, and not even being sprayed with a hose could keep him away from our house. He even came for a three block walk with the dog and I. We put an ad in the paper about him being found. And the owners eventually turned up and took him back. But a few days later he was back at our house meowing to get in. The owners took him back each time, but he would just come back here. The owners timed it when we were off on holidays, it takes the cat four hours to get from their house, to ours. And he would hang off the screens in the windows and yowl to get out of their house.

Now here’s the odd story behind this cat. The previous owners lived about a block away from us and had moved. They also had a black lab which had passed away recently. We have a white lab. Our white lab is the only dog that the cat won’t attack. He hates dogs. The cat’s name is Boo, and our dogs nick name is boo boo. It’s just too weird. So yes, I agree, cats are odd creatures. We figure he’s found his retirement home. (he’s about 19)

Hes most definitely grounded for the time being! Hes been just lounging since returning home, lazy boy!

Great story bubbasteve735…Cats certainly have their own unique quirks !!!  I have 2, both rescue kittys, the one as my avatar is nuts but I figure since her previous owners had left her tied outside by a rope to a tree and her collar started to grow into her neck that she is entitled to be whatever she chooses. Funny thing is, I keep a collar on her, to warn my other cat that she is around (it has a bell on it !!) and if I take it off or it falls off, she gets right pissed!! My other cat is diabetic and afraid of needles…of course !!

You could always have Jenny’s “Link Cod” fish and chips.