MISSING: Journey Stevens

MISSING! Last reported whereabouts was Saturday. If anyone has seen Journey Stevens can you please let me know at least so I can relay the msg to her mom! Her family is worried about her and want to know if she is safe. Please anyone with any information! Or contact her family @ 250-624-4484

Bumping this to the top as it is important.

Is she a local girl? Where was she last seen?

She is such a beautiful young woman. Thoughts and prayers to her family, and let’s find her asap. Was she last known to be in the Rupert area?

Glad to hear that she has returned safely!

Do you know that for sure? I hope so, that would be a blessing !

   Great News.....

Yes she was found at 3pm today, her mother is so relieved and very thankful for everyone who helped out in finding her.

Here is her note that her mother has posted for everyone to see:

thank you to everyone for their prayers ! My beautiful daughter Journey has made it home safely !!! Thank you to everyone that was looking out for her and keeping me posted about where journey was.

All our prayers were definetly answered!

thank you to CBC radio station, CFNR and all the RCMP officers that were here, and to Stuck on Design for printing all the posters. And to all my friends and family that care dearly for us.